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Hot Coffee Summer With lockdowns easing, people are itching to get more social. Whether it’s a “hot girl summer” or a “hot boy summer”, millions of vaccinated Americans are finally able to get out and get down. The only problem is that it’s easier said than done. Icebreaker Coffee Are …

All American Coffee

The Story of Tonight Raise a cup to freedom, a cup of coffee. Since it’s less than clean break-up from the British in 1776, America has been in love with coffee, but it wasn’t always like this. A Little Tea-ed Off When the 13 colonies were still under British control, …

The Legend of Kaldi Alright spill the beans, how did humans come up with such a deliciously, energetic drink known as coffee? There are plenty of stories, rumors, and anecdotes throughout the decades, but none ring louder than the Legend of Kaldi. One Small Step for Man In 850 AD, …

It’s History, A Coffee Class What if I told you that the coffee you are drinking right now helped to create cars, airplanes, democracy, revolutions, and the modern world as we know it? It’s hard to believe, but it’s the truth. Coffee, and by extension coffeehouses, helped to usher society …

Weight a Second, Coffee?

Weight a Second, Coffee? Working from home a few steps from the kitchen and in the comfort of your favorite PJs has led many people to gain a little extra digits on the weighing scale. Personally, ever since the switch to online college learning, I have gained about a good …


Wild Arabica Coffee - San Pedro, Guatemala

Where Does Coffee Come From? Pt. 2

Green coffee being dried on raised beds - Café Cristalinas, Guatemala

Where Does Coffee Come From?


Coffee Health Benefits


Nitrogen Infused Beverages

Nitrogen Infused Beverages (Pictured: Honey Hibiscus Nitro Tea)

But How Much Caffeine Is Really In My Cup Of Coffee?

Let’s say you’re going out to breakfast or lunch with a friend or two, and the idea of coffee’s pleasant and energizing profile excites your taste buds, but you don’t want a regular cup of black coffee, or even coffee with cream or sugar. You want something new; you want something different. If you’re looking for unique and exciting ways to enjoy coffee and want to take a break from the typical cup of coffee or latte, the following beverages may be just what you’re looking for.

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