elevate your coffee house experience...

The Coffee Class was founded in 2019 as a north star for great coffee and amazing food. We’re on a journey to transform your daily grind with exceptional service, and a delicious experience, prepared every day with love. We want to elevate your coffee house experience to something you’ve never imagined. We intend to be a source of light and bedazzlement for every guest. We are committed quality and the best ingredients every day. We are committed to our community and we are committed to you. Come experience The Coffee Class.



transform your daily grind...

The Coffee Class will transform your daily grind with exceptional coffee, made with exceptional care; and elevate your coffee house experience to something you’ve never imagined. We seek to create a new standard for what a coffee house can be through innovation, sophistication, quality, and energy

Our Goals


Exceed Expectations

We don’t seek to simply copy what has already been done. We seek a higher standard, innovation, and creativity. We will create an experience for our guests, not just a transaction.


excellent Service

We serve our guests by preparing every drink with heart, energy, and enthusiasm. We keep the focus on them. We stay knowledgeable and passionate about coffee and share that with our guests. We serve each other by how we treat one another.


Make A Difference

We will make a difference in our community by volunteering our time and resources to help those less fortunate. We seek to promote our common humanity.

Our Values

Be Yourself

We value the authenticity, individuality and worth of every person. We know that what makes us different also makes us special. Our strength comes from our diversity.

Be Exceptional

We challenge ourselves and those around us to blow away expectations. We will work to elevate the coffee experience for each and every guest, providing an experience they’ve never imagined.

Be Passionate

Our enthusiasm for great coffee and serving our guests is contagious! We bring high energy to every interaction. We are passionately committed to our community and to sharing our knowledge about what great coffee can be with everyone.

Be Bold

We never settle for the ordinary or the average. We challenge every assumption, we push ourselves to constantly elevate. We will never be outworked, or out innovated.

Our Team


Noah Ahina

General Manager


Savannah Carson

General Manager


Kyle Cunningham



Chef Elizabeth Ryan-Small

Executive Chef