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Dj Steve Aoki Visits The Coffee Class


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Sarah Gonzales
I went for the first time this weekend. I am always on a mission to find a good coffee shop that offers good coffee, good food options and nice environment. Somewhere I can disappear with a good book or to... Read More »
Renata Psutka
Awesome, awesome place!!! Ambient is very classy and elegant. Staff is very friendly and welcoming. The owner Kylie is extremely nice. Everything on the menu looks very appealing and it tastes even better. Coffees are just like in Italy, truly authentic and... Read More »
Tim Kuptz
From the moment you open the door, this place oozes warmth and friendly. Never have I been in to grab a tea or coffee and it be empty. For as new as the "place" is, a following has... Read More »
Ben Owliaie
We’ve been excited to try The Coffee Class for quite some time and we excited to come on day 1! It’s an elegant and modern atmosphere in a convenient location. (No drive thru) This is not your average corner chain coffee... Read More »
Claire Oshima
Went to The Coffee Class this afternoon and sampled a variety of dishes. It was hard to find a favorite item as I really enjoyed their three different toasts (Avocado, Lox and Egg salad) all exceptional with lots lots of... Read More »
Mood - Tea Upon entering was greeted with great customer service. Had questions and all were answered with ease. You order at the front counter, find...
My coffee spending has gotten out of control lately....and this amazing coffee shop is NOT HELPING!! If I had unlimited $$, I would stop by here on the...
Me and wifey are notorious coffee snobs....depending on the locale I could settle for plain jane coffee with milk + two sugars. But in this third wave...
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