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Coffee, It’s Bean Around for a While Now

The Legend of Kaldi

Alright spill the beans, how did humans come up with such a deliciously, energetic drink known as coffee? There are plenty of stories, rumors, and anecdotes throughout the decades, but none ring louder than the Legend of Kaldi.

One Small Step for Man

In 850 AD, an Ethiopian goatherd named Kaldi noticed his goats full of excitement and jubilee after consuming a strange red berry from a bush. Curious, Kaldi himself tried the berries and felt the same wonderful effect as the goats.

It’s Berry Tasty

He brought his discovery to the monastery to be eaten by the monks. The monks, however, were more than displeased. They hurled his berries into the fire. Kaldi, who was infatuated by the berries, took the burnt embers and put them in a jar of water to save them. The monks who then drank the water were said to have been able to stay up all night for prayer. I guess they liked their dark roast coffee.

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By John Toledo

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