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Coffee Health Benefits

7 Reasons To Drink More Coffee

With the new year comes resolutions! While some may be cutting back on how much they consume coffee, we here at The Coffee Class want to give you reasons to drink more! 

Naturally, coffee has several health benefits that we want you to be aware of:

Muscle Recovery: research suggests that caffeine can actually help reduce post-workout soreness by up to 48%.

Keeps You Regular: a cup of coffee can contain up to 1.8 grams of fiber, and moderate consumption can lower your chances of developing colon cancer.

Protection Against Cirrhosis: alcohol consumption and hereditary predisposition can play a critical role in developing cirrhosis of the liver, but research shows that coffee can potentially lower the enzyme levels in your liver and decrease your risk.

Protection Against Type 2 Diabetes: research suggests that your chances of being diagnosed with diabetes decreases by 9% for every cup of coffee consumed on a given day. Even decaf can have a similar effect, though not as significant (6% per cup). 

Protection Against Alzheimer’s Disease: helping to prevent the build-up of brain plaque that research has attributed to Alzheimer’s Disease, coffee can help protect you and lower your risk. 

Protection Against Parkinson’s: despite any genetic risk factors, research suggests that coffee can still lower your chances of Parkinson’s.

Improved Mood & Memory Preservation: caffeine can increase the release of dopamine; improving your mood, and helping to preserve long-term memory.

It is important to note that these research studies are focused on drinking coffee without any additives (i.e. without cream, sugar, flavors, etc). 

No matter your reason to drink coffee, or how you drink it, we are glad that you do! 🙂

For a special treat, be sure to try the latest addition to our single origin offerings: Ethiopia Sidamo. 

With an aroma similar to a Blueberry Poptart, and tasting notes of Boysenberry Jam and Shortbread, this one is a must have!  Available as a pour-over or whole bean. 

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