March 14, 2020

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Wild Arabica Coffee - San Pedro, Guatemala


As we all know, 2020 is full of fact checks. Misinformation can spread quickly, no matter the topic, and coffee is no exception. Here is a list of common misconceptions about coffee.

1.) A Mid-Afternoon Coffee Will Keep You Up All Night

Although it is true that some people are more sensitive to it, caffeine makes it out of your body within 4-8 hours. One can expedite this process by drinking more water, and remaining active. Unless you have a true diagnosed case of insomnia, next time you’re craving a latte at 3PM, you can enjoy it without worrying about being awake 12 hours later.

BONUS FACT: A double shot of espresso has less caffeine than the average 12 oz cup of drip coffee. More information on coffee caffeine content can be found in our blog post here:

2.) Coffee Will Dehydrate You

This one is only a partly fiction. Most will generalize that coffee is a diuretic, when in fact it is really the caffeine content that is responsible for this light effect. Coffee poses no risk to completely dehydrate you, but best practice is to enjoy a cup of water with your brew.

PRO TIP: Start your day with a glass of water before your morning cup of coffee. You will experience your caffeine boost much more rapidly and efficiently, and preempt any sign of dehydration.

3.) Coffee Will Stunt Your Growth

This one goes wayyyyyyyyy back. It is likely that you have heard somone in your family make this claim. Coffee has long been rumored to hinder one’s growing body, but there is no scientific evidence of this.

4.) Decaf Coffee Has 0 MG of Caffeine

Although it is called decaf, the vast majority of decaf coffee does contain traces of caffeine. This will vary depending on the origin, and the process used to decaffeinate the beans. Unfortunately, to eliminate the most caffeine, producers will often use a chemical process (usually using methylene chloride or ethyl acetate). More conscious producers have turned to a water process decaffeinated coffee, and to avoid such chemicals; this also allows them to maintain the label of “organic”. So yes, decaf coffee does have caffeine, but in such small amounts one may consider it negligible. At The Coffee Class, we are proud to only offer organic, water processed decaf coffee.

City Bean Organic, Water-Processed Decaf Espresso Blend

5.) Coffee Will Sober You Up

Most people are likely to know this is false, no matter how much they want to believe it. Yes, the caffeine in a cup of coffee can give you the illusion of sobriety, but you’re still drunk, and you still need to call an Uber. Drunk driving is never worth the risk, and a cup of coffee does not influence the alcohol that is already in your system. Please drink responsibly, and drink coffee often 🙂 

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