Weight a Second, Coffee? Working from home a few steps from the kitchen and in the comfort of your favorite PJs has led many people to gain a little extra digits on the weighing scale. Personally, ever since the switch to online college learning, I have gained about a good …
Wild Arabica Coffee - San Pedro, Guatemala
Green coffee being dried on raised beds - Café Cristalinas, Guatemala
Nitrogen Infused Beverages (Pictured: Honey Hibiscus Nitro Tea)
But How Much Caffeine Is Really In My Cup Of Coffee?
Let’s say you’re going out to breakfast or lunch with a friend or two, and the idea of coffee’s pleasant and energizing profile excites your taste buds, but you don’t want a regular cup of black coffee, or even coffee with cream or sugar. You want something new; you want something different. If you’re looking for unique and exciting ways to enjoy coffee and want to take a break from the typical cup of coffee or latte, the following beverages may be just what you’re looking for.