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Fit for a President

Mr. President

Read my lips, no sugar, please. So long as America has stood, her presidents have sat down with a cup of coffee every morning. Like how our British neighbors across the pond enjoy their cup of tea, it’s a simple gesture to show that even world leaders need to wake up in the morning.

Founder’s Coffee

George Washington, the first president of the United States, was someone you could call a coffee drinker. Okay, maybe that was an understatement. In one year, the founder imported over 200 pounds of coffee according to his ledgers. Even weeks before his death, he ordered 150 coffee beans from the Red Sea port of Mocha. George Washington had coffee both during the breakfast hours and the dinner hours. Other founders like John Adams renounced drinking tea for the sole reason that the British drank them lavishly and taxed the American colonies for them. The act of drinking tea was an act supporting the British whom they were fighting. Another founder, Thomas Jefferson even once said that coffee was his favorite drink in the civilized world. 

President Teddy

Theodore Roosevelt was estimated to have drunk over a gallon of coffee a day. He was even quoted by Maxwell House coffee in their motto with the phrase, “good to the last drop”. 

Coffee With the Kennedys

Some presidents even had political uses for drinking coffee. John F. Kennedy used coffee to gain support for his senatorial campaign. In his event called Coffee with the Kennedys. JFK used this platform to meet with supporters, improve his public image, and of course, share a cup of coffee with someone. 

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By John Toledo

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