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Nitrogen Infused Beverages

Nitro Cold Brew, Nitro Tea, Nitro Chai……infusing nitrogen into your beverage is a coffee industry favorite that has continued to gain momentum. Many believe that the prefix “nitro” may imply that there is more caffeine content, however, this infusion primarily influences the body and texture of the drink. It can also help accentuate a natural sweetness.

By infusing nitrogen, a flat liquid is taken to a new level, resulting in a creamy texture and the addition of a frothy head; similar to that of a draft beer like Guinness.

Because this nitrogen trend has grown so much, people have also brought into question the health effects of the practice. 

It is important to note that this process should use pure, food-grade nitrogen gas (N). This is not liquid nitrogen, nor is it NO2 (aka laughing gas). It is true that prior to infusion, nitrogen can be harmful under certain conditions. Pure nitrogen that is inhaled as a gas can lead to dizziness, or even suffocation. In its liquid state, nitrogen boils at room temperature, and can quickly cause frostbite if it comes in contact with your skin. 

Despite the risks in the aforementioned contexts, nitrogen infused beverages do not pose any bodily harm when consumed.

Enjoy without the worry, and be sure to try the newest addition to our nitro line-up:
Honey Hibiscus Nitro Tea 🙂

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