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Four Score and Seven Years Ago, We Had Some Coffee

It’s History, A Coffee Class

What if I told you that the coffee you are drinking right now helped to create cars, airplanes, democracy, revolutions, and the modern world as we know it? It’s hard to believe, but it’s the truth. Coffee, and by extension coffeehouses, helped to usher society as we know it today. 

Buzzed and Wired

How can a small drink which takes less than ten minutes to finish be possibly responsible for so much of modern human history? It’s pretty straight forward actually. Prior to the popularization of coffee as a social, and or energizing drink, people would usually drink alcohol and lots of it. Once coffee slowly transitioned into the role that alcohol had in the early 1600s, instead of being intoxicated constantly, people were now wired and inspired.

Social Drinkers

Coffeehouses in the Ottoman empire allowed for the mingling of social classes, coffee socials helped usher in the American Revolution, and English coffeehouses were places of intellectual discussion rather than bar fights.

Even today, looking around your local coffee shop, you will more than likely see college students, business professionals, and intellectuals all enjoying a nice cup of coffee.

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By John Toledo

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