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Coffee in America

Spill the Tea

Coffee in America has been a staple ever since its induction after the Boston Tea Party in 1773. Up until then, while coffee houses were frequented still by locals, tea would still remain the choice of drink for many 17th-century colonists. The Boston Tea Party, and the subsequent war of independence, pushed colonists to make the massive push from tea to coffee. Seedlings from trade from Dutch companies made coffee available throughout the world. We have another blog talking more about the role of coffee in the American Revolution here!

Instant Coffee

As time went on, coffee in America became one of the most profitable commodities. Big coffee names like Maxwell, and Folger introduced instant coffee during the civil war as a way to make coffee more readily available to the general public. We have a blog that dives more into the role of coffee in the American military here!

Coffee Artisans

Coffee in America is still ever evolving. Since the creation of Starbucks in 1971, coffee has been something every American can experience at a cheap price. It allowed Americans to explore different coffee types, different specialty teas, and other brewed drinks. Now, modern American coffee is seen in the smaller coffee houses that specialize in specialty coffee! Coffee can be seen as an artistic craft similar to that of wine and beer brewing.

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By John Toledo

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